The life blood of information for all businesses. Whether it is for a direct mail piece, a leaflet to be used as a handout or any of the other many uses for brochures, brochures are a necessity. A well designed brochure represents your organisation and showcases your products. Brochures come in all shapes and sizes, there's one out there specifically to suit your and budget.

What makes a good brochure

Your brochure is a sales aid, so with that in mind you need to think of it as an extension of your sales force.
With that said lets go through a few key steps to building a great brochure.

Research & Purpose

Who is the intended audience and what is the purpose of the brochure. Will it be designed to sell a product, to solve a problem or be the catalyst for a promotion. Before you go to the design stage know your purpose. Know your audience and build it to entice them.


In order to get the best results start with good content. What determines good content? Well writen copy that connects with the intended audience and images that are showing the product or service. These images are always high resolution.

Layout & Design

The layout is designed to talk to the targeted audience, for example, the design for advertising a local plumber would be different corporate client. Strong headlines and relevant copy and clear images provide best results. Additionally a call to action provides a means to measure for future refinement.

Brochure Examples

Brochures come in many forms and sizes, I can advise on which would be best to suit you and your budget.

We take the guess work out.

Standard double sided A4 brochure. The most common

Creative work designed to sell your products!

Standard doublesided A4 - 4 pages in total.  Great value

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